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Dynamicity and technology are in our DNA. With over 10 years of experience alongside industry leaders across motorsport and automotive, we have a developed an integrated solution to solve the problems of modern players in a fast-paced environment.

Project Management

  • Kick-start your projects and manage their progress with gantt diagrams.
  • Link Digital Mock-Ups with project milestones.

Fast-changing projects

  • Version management with revision control flow and iterations tracking for model and BoM changes.
  • Create new revisions from customer updates and sync your active workflows in a few simple clicks.

DMU approval flow

  • Define an approval flow for revision changes that suits your worklow.
  • Maintain a history of all frozen DMUs.

Fast-tracked production

  • Create parts, define workflows and kick-off production in a few minutes.
  • Link to Customer orders or start production directly, LeanSolution will work with you to deliver the components you need.

Component costing

  • Define detailed cost breakdowns for all your parts.
  • LeanSolution will work out the actual manufacturing cost for your components.
  • Analyze, compare estimated vs actual costs, adjust target costs.

100% traceability

  • Serial-number tracking for warehouse, manufacturing and quality control operations.
  • Bind tools and machinery to manufacturing workflows.
  • Mould tracking.
  • Get access to the complete history of your components.

Spare Parts

  • Browse the Bill of Material of your assemblies.
  • Order spare parts.
  • Build maintena.
  • Analyze, compare design and actual costs, adjust target costs.

2D/3D models

  • Interactively browse drawings and 3D models.
  • Order spare parts directly from the model.
  • Highlight parts being ordered in your drawings and models.

Shopping cart

  • User-friendly shopping carts natively linked to the BoM and maintenance plan.
  • Print a detailed report with highlighted drawings of parts in your shopping cart.

Maintenance plans

  • Define maintenance and re-order plans for all your machines.
  • Add suggested purchases for all parts in your machines.


Agile software solutions for smart design and manufacturing.


Iteractive models repository and BoM editor.

  • Lean Engineering is the starting point of all your projects, with a powerful part-number generator and user-friendly tools to build Bill of Materials.
  • CAD models and drawings storage with support for teamwork and revision change.
  • 2D automation with bi-directional properties exchange between CAD and PLM.
  • LeanSolution was born to support the dynamicity of motorsport. Create and manage multiple versions of items, BoM and their attachments in a flexbile and user-friendly way.


Manage your manufacturing and assumbly workflows.

  • Complete with a Materials Requirements Planning module, the Lean Manufcaturing view is an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allowing control over your entire supply chain. Workflows are designed and executed in a kan-ban style environment, where every step is guided and recorded to adhere to the highest quality standards in the sector.
  • Lean Manufacturing includes native modules to support the complex manufacturing phases of composite materials, with a special focus on the handling of pre-impregrnated fibers: unfreezing, curring, lay-up, curing, finishing.
  • Powerful tools for requirements analysis, procurement operations, order planning and production scheduling.
  • Reduce waste and increase throughput with dedicated IoT integrations turning Lean Solution into a smart factory planner.


Stock-level management with automatic tracking and alerts.

  • Lean Warehouse provides instant access to stock-levels and is integrated with the other modules of LeanSolution for automatic stock loading/unloading.
  • Enhanced stock-level management is available thanks to a dedicated RFID integration, triggering automatic stock transfers as items are moved around the factory.
  • Dedicated expiring material management (e.g. pre-preg laminates) with alerts for out-of-cell time and quality reports for WIP and finished parts.

Quality Control

Support for ISO9001, AS9100 and AER-Q.

  • Completely customizable quality control plans, linkable to manufacturing workflows.
  • Intuitive checklists for defects, non-conformities, anomalies and maintenance.
  • Generate reports and quality certificates in line with the ISO9001, AS9100 and AER-Q requirements.

ERP - Documents flow

Model your company workflows in LeanSolution.

  • One application to overview your company operations.
  • Project changes and workflow steps are tracked to present a history of manufactured components.
  • Documents inheritance rules and transformation tools help you link customers' orders and production jobs to your supply chain.
  • Data reports and BI tools to optimize your operations.


Agile parts lifing. For your factory and track-side operations.

  • Build car configurations, set life values, create racing events. LeanLifing will take care of tracking your parts life and allow you to forecast future usage.
  • Review the history of components and quality reports, synched with the underlying ERP engine to provide users with a complete view.
  • The traditional engineering view is enhanced by the new app for iPad and iPhone, to guarantee maximum flexbility for our customers, at the factory and on track.

Our Services

One team to support your digital transition.


With solid experience alongisde leading companies working with dynamic projects and prototype manufacturing, our team can advise on engineering, manufacturing and technology workflows.


LeanSolution is designed, developed and maintained directly by our team. Moreover, we provide custom development services for our clients.


Start-up and implementation services are provided directly by our project managers and developers.


Our software suite can be completely customized to your needs. The customizations are embedded natively in the main product without the need for third-party products.


03/2019 - Incoming Program

We are proud to participate in Incoming Program 2019, a project promoted by Emilia Romagna to introduce 30 selected companies to Silicon Valley investors.

06/2019 - Business Match finalist

ProjectSoft has been selected among the most innovative companies within Emilia Romagna to participate in a mission, direction: Silicon Valley.

11/2019 - Business Match

ProjectSoft participated in a program of business meetings in the Silicon Valley with the focus on high potential startups and SMEs.

02/2020 - Compotec

ProjectSoft will exhibit at Compotec 2020, the only trade fair in Italy entirely dedicated to composite materials. Find us at Boot E-39-1191.

04/2021 - Technology & Business Cooperation Days

ProjectSoft will be at Technology & Business Cooperation Days, the European brokerage event aimed at exploring new cooperation opportunities.

05/2021 - B2B Software Days

ProjectSoft is taking part in B2B Software Days 2021, the international show dedicated to software.

02/2022 - Seatec

ProjectSoft will exhibit at Seatec 2022, the only professional event in the Mediterranean area dedicated to technology, components and design in the nautical sector.

05/2022 - JEC World 2022

ProjectSoft is present at JEC WORLD 2022, the Leading International Composites Show. Find us at Boot E-61.

06/2022 - MECSPE 2022

ProjectSoft will exhibit at MECSPE 2022, the international reference fair for the manufacturing industry.

04/2023 - JEC World 2023

ProjectSoft is present at JEC WORLD 2023, the Leading International Composites Show. Find us at Boot E-61.

03/2024 - JEC World 2024

ProjectSoft is present at JEC WORLD 2024, the Leading International Composites Show. Find us at Hall E Boot D-79.

04/2024 - Customer Care

ProjectSoft's own technical CRM platform implementation in collaborazione with Zacmi is now a model use-case for innovation within post-sales activities. Visit the Smile DIH website for more information!

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We are a team of developers. Our focus is coding, solving complex problems and fast delivery. Our technology stack includes iOS/Android and web frameworks as well as core C++ applications and Java servers. Technology is in constant evolution and we need to be at the forefront to provide our customers with the latest solutions to succeed. That's why we don't look for a specific background in our candidates, but we value their passion for techonology and determination to learn. At ProjectSoft developers are responsible for the entire software delivery pipeline, from requirements gathering and design, to implementation and deployment. We work side-by-side with our customers to learn about their business requirements and tailor our solutions. Are you a bright developer looking for a new challenge? Or a promising new grad looking to start off your career in a young and talented team? Use the form below to send us your contact details and we'll be in touch!

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