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The ERP dedicated to dynamic projects. Tailored to your needs.

Product Data Management (PDM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


An all-in-one solution, born for the motorsport.





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Hours Tracker

Easy and quick event tracking: Clock In & Clock Out to report time and save routes in your projects and tasks.
Hours tracking is integrated with Apple Calendar and Maps with charts functions.


CRM ERP Hours provides you with an agile Enterprise Resource Planning solution for small businesses.
Managers, designers, sales and service technicians receive updates about their business activities: report viewings, KPI live graphs, Bill of Materials, 2D drawings and 3D models, spare parts catalogue.

Thermal Analysis

A unique and powerful charting tool for data analysis. Contour Map for iPhone and iPad provides you with a contour and surface modeling package. It features wind tunnel analysis, terrain modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, gridding, 3d view.


Motorsport and technology are in our DNA. With over 10 years of experience alongside industry leaders, we have a developed an integrated solution to solve the problems of modern players within a fast-paced environment:

Dynamic projects

Prototype manufacturing

Agile lifing

Our developments cover a wide range of platforms, from desktop solutions to mobile apps, to provide our customers with the powerful combination of practicality and flexibility that enables them to compete in an advanced and fast-moving industry.
We work in partnership with our clients and develop our solutions at their side to better tailor their needs.

ProjectSoft’s customers list includes racing car manufacturers, producers of aircraft components, as well as other industrial customers. Confidentiality is an important part ofthe long term relationships we buildwith our clients. 
Please contact us if you would like specific references.

Chosen by:


  • March 2019

    Incoming Program 2019

    We are proud to participate in Incoming Program 2019, a project promoted and funded by Emilia Romagna to introduce 30 small to medium enterprises to 10 experienced investors representing Silicon Valley (California, US).

  • June 2019

    Business Match
    2019 finalist

    ProjectSoft has been selected among the most innovative companies within Emilia Romagna to participate in Business Match 2019, a project funded by Emiliar Romagna which will bring us to Silicon Valley (California, US) to meet mentors and investors.

  • November 2019

    Business Match in the Silicon Valley

    ProjectSoft participated in a week of business meetings in the Silicon Valley with investors who focus on high potential startups and SMEs.
    We presented our skills and our projects around industrial applications of IoT integrations, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the major automotive research centers in Menlo Park and Mountain View and gathered valuable feedback for our next visit.

  • February 2020

    Compotec 2020

    ProjectSoft will exhibit at Compotec 2020, the only trade fair in Italy entirely dedicated to composite materials. Find us at Boot E-39-1191.

  • March 2020

    JEC World 2020

    ProjectSoft is exhibiting at JEC WORLD 2020, the Leading International Composites Show. Find us at Boot E-61.

  • April 2021

    Technology & Business Cooperation Days 2021

    ProjectSoft is presenting at 
    Technology & Business Cooperation Days, the European brokerage event aimed at exploring new cooperation opportunities.

  • May 2021

    B2B Software Days 2021

    ProjectSoft is taking part in
    B2B Software Days 2021, the international show dedicated to software and finding the next business partners.

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We are a team of developers. Our focus is coding, solving complex problems and fast delivery.

Our technology stack includes iOS/Android and web frameworks as well as core C++ applications and Java servers. Technology is in constant evolution and we need to be at the forefront to provide our customers with the latest solutions to succeed. That's why we don't look for a specific background in our candidates, but we value their passion for techonology and determination to learn.

At ProjectSoft developers are responsible for the entire software delivery pipeline, from requirements gathering and design, to implementation and deployment. We work side-by-side with our customers to learn about their business requirements and tailor our solutions.

Are you a bright developer looking for a new challenge? Or a promising new grad looking to start off your career in a young and talented team? Use the form below to send us your contact details and we'll be in touch!

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